One foot in front of the other

I’ve been there before, many times. Posted a few better lit photos from there earlier, they were from my first hike with my now beloved Fuji. Backyard I called it. And every time I am up there I come to think of how spending more time in the backyard probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Light, or the lack of it

As daylight disappears, a bit of magic happens. As if the reduced visibility allows for other senses to become more prominent. Yeah, best I leave it at that.

I’m lucky in the sense that I see decently in the dark so it doesn’t really bother me that it’s been months, many months in fact, since I last saw my headlamp. Even if I did know where it was I’d be reluctant to use it. If in an area I know well enough that is, such as backyards, I’m not too keen on losing the trail somewhere and have little or no idea about how to get back to the road or bus stop or wherever I would need to get to. Then, I’m rarely in unknown places.

thorir_151002_9081Photographing at dusk is about trying to collect some of the magic, I guess. Then after it gets so dark that operating the camera screen becomes painful on the eyes, a headlamp would be nice to have after all. A way of controlling the screen brightness on the Fuji would be even nicer though.

Of course, at a time and place like this a tripod would have been the best piece of kit. But I had none—deliberately—and had to rely on whatever the camera was able to do. I don’t normally push my cameras in terms of low light but I must say I’m fairly impressed by this aging APS sensor.

thorir_151002_9087That said, I find carrying a tripod to be a small price to pay for the opportunities it offers and well worth the trouble. In spite of a heavier load, and the additional time it takes. To be honest, the extra time it takes is not entirely without merits. But sometimes, like that friday sometimes last autumn when the photos here were taken, it is the hike that needs the undivided attention. Well, given that I rarely leave the house without a camera, as much attention as possible.

And even if blurry photographs normally don’t appeal to me too much, that friday I couldn’t help shooting a few frames.

There are more sides to this—aren’t there always? One is here.









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